Baccarat For Your iPod

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There are lots of games on the internet. Internet Casinos are all the rage, and there are lots around, such as  Check out the website to find out more information. What could be better than trying out the games on offer without having to wager a cent.

In the latest development from Bristol in the UK, Code Redman announced that Baccarat 88, the fourth installment of the popular range of card games exclusive to the iPad, iPhone and iPod will be released. The best part, it will be available as a free download.

As you probably could’ve guessed, the game is based on the popular casino game baccarat. The whole basis of the game is to predict the outcome of two hands. There are two players, the banker and the player and three possible outcomes, banker win, player win or a tie.

With Baccarat 88, players have the option of optional backgrounds and sound effects, all coupled with a fast and responsive game play using large animated cards.

Other popular casino games available in the series include Pontoon 88, Blackjack 88 and Poker 88. Should players run out of chips, the game will automatically give them more chips after a half an hour. They do however have the option of buying more chips should they wish to do so.

There is also an alternate release available called Baccarat 88 Infinte. The only difference: in this version should you loose all your chips, you instantly get credited with 50’000 chips.

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