Playing Online Bingo on your iPod or iPhone

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Playing Online Bingo on your iPod or iPhone

When Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone was first released, playing on online bingo sites simply wasn’t an option. But, thanks to advances in technology and recognition of this expanding market, there are now a number of options for bingo players wishing to play on their mobile devices.

One of the most recent new mobile bingo sites to launch was iBingo, which has received generally favourable reviews. You can play on iPhone and other mobile smart phones. The interface is simple but effective and you can enjoy both the bingo games as well as many of the instant win games like slots.

Mecca Bingo was one of the first sites in the UK to offer bingo on the go. There are now thought to be as many as 10 different bingo sites where mobile bingo can be played, mostly on the Cozy Games network.

There are not any apps, that we know of, that you play real bingo – instead the bingo is played on simple mobile optimised websites. Apps are presumably the next step, but Apple are likely to be put strict restrictions on them. Sports book have had difficulty getting approved, so bingo will likely be the same.

JackpotCity Mobile

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JackpotCity MobileI like to be the first to try something new. That’s why when launched their mobile product I immediately decided to give it a go. It’s definitely the way to play if you’re a keen casino fan – you can take your favorite games with you and play on the go no matter if you’re in a queue, waiting for your taxi or have 5 minutes to spare.

The game graphics are top quality and the game play is smooth. You can play Blackjack, Roulette and great slots like Tomb Raider TM or jackpots like Mega Moolah on your phone. Even better, gave me a 150% deposit match bonus worth up to €150 when I installed the casino on my phone! And don’t think because you’re playing a mobile product that you’re missing out – you still collect loyalty points and enjoy mystery bonuses, great promotions and other bonus deals!

By the way, JackpotCity Mobile is available for iPads, iPhones and Android handsets.

Baccarat For Your iPod

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There are lots of games on the internet. Internet Casinos are all the rage, and there are lots around, such as  Check out the website to find out more information. What could be better than trying out the games on offer without having to wager a cent.

In the latest development from Bristol in the UK, Code Redman announced that Baccarat 88, the fourth installment of the popular range of card games exclusive to the iPad, iPhone and iPod will be released. The best part, it will be available as a free download.

As you probably could’ve guessed, the game is based on the popular casino game baccarat. The whole basis of the game is to predict the outcome of two hands. There are two players, the banker and the player and three possible outcomes, banker win, player win or a tie.

With Baccarat 88, players have the option of optional backgrounds and sound effects, all coupled with a fast and responsive game play using large animated cards.

Other popular casino games available in the series include Pontoon 88, Blackjack 88 and Poker 88. Should players run out of chips, the game will automatically give them more chips after a half an hour. They do however have the option of buying more chips should they wish to do so.

There is also an alternate release available called Baccarat 88 Infinte. The only difference: in this version should you loose all your chips, you instantly get credited with 50’000 chips.

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Online Casinos and your iPod

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Have an iPod? Bored with the apps on it? Looking for some excitement?

Many of the online casino software providers though have made major strides in their software development to cater for the emerging (can we still call it emerging???) market of the mobile device. With the advent of the first mobile devices that could actually browse the net, the major drawback had been the browsers capabilities. Some could only render WML (Wireless Markup Language), while some had limited HTML and CSS, but no Javascript capabilities.

But with the new mobile device’s processing power, memory and storage space, these limitations have all but become a thing of the past. Many of the browsers available on mobile devices today, have full HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS1 and CSS2 (some even CSS3) and some more weird and obscure acronyms to add to the list of capabilities.

The advancements in technology already mean gamblers can play casino games on their mobile phones.  It won’t be long before you will be able to access an online casino on other gadgets.

For this reason, online casinos are now also available for play on most of the popular (and even the not so popular) mobile devices. Quite a few of  the online casinos offer flash based play. No more downloading software, installing, and then waiting for the games to actually download into the software before playing.

And the best part about it – many of the online casinos offer a wide variety of casino games on the flash platform, both for real play (where you actually wager real money), as well as for fun, or as many like to call “Practise Play” mode. These include slot games, video poker, tables games such as blackjack, roulette to name only a few.

So look at it this way, that iPod your holding, could be the tool makes you a millionaire when you hit that progressive jackpot while you where playing your favourite game.