Anyone For A Game Of Bingo?

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Do you still remember years ago, when your grandma and grandpa used to go down to the local bingo hall and spend hours there sitting and blanking out numbers on their bingo cards? And if they won, the £10 or, if it was a busy night, the £25 they won if they had a bingo at some point?

Well, the good news is that those types of bingo halls are still available (if your that way inclined of course…), but why would you want to leave your home, go out in the cold, drive all the way there and then only have to drive back because you left the stove, iron, or whatever on. It all just seems a bit too much, doesn’t it?

Now for the really great news! Bingo is now available for your mobile. I hear you say “but why bingo?”. Because the amounts you can win isn’t £10 or £25 anymore. The stakes have risen! I’m talking in the regions of £50+ (and that’s just the starting amounts of some of the games at mFortune Bingo!) Plus you have the added benefit of the software doing most of the work for you! No more ink stains on your hands, missing some numbers because the guy behind you can’t keep his mouth shut! It’s all automated! You decide how many cards you want to play, and the software does the rest!

Plus you have the added benefit of playing with their money! Sign up at mFortune Bingo and get a £5 free play, plus when you make your first deposit, you also receive a 100% match bonus*.

Bingo is definitely not just for grannys anymore!

PS: The same guys that operate mFortune Bingo also have an online casino that caters specifically for the mobile market – PocketWin. They are offering great games like blackjack, poker, video slots and many more!

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