3D iPod And Games?

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Rumours recently surfaced after Nintendo released their 3DS onto the market, that Apple would soon also be releasing a 3D version of their popular iPod Touch mobile device.

The rumour has it that Apple are considering a glasses-free version of the 3D implementation. Recently at CES, Sharp demonstrated an autostereoscopic 3D display on a phone. By simply taking a picture with the phone, the image would then automatically be displayed in 3D on the screen. The phones are set to be shipped later this year, but no clarification could be obtained from Sharp as to when they would be available.

But all eyes at Apple will be on the Nintende 3DS sales and acceptance by the mobile -carrying consumer. Will consumers find the technology useful, or will it be a gimmick?

*Video:dr. magoo's adventure

Online Casinos have embraced the new technology with open arms though. Take Dr. Magoos Adventure as an example.¬† The whole slot game is designed to implement clever 3D techniques, so the symbols, which include Parrots, Monkeys, Maps, Binoculars, Doors to the Unknown, and even Dr Magoo himself, come to life in their 3D world. The great graphics don’t hurt either!

It would seem the next step in the iPod’s evolutionary ladder¬† is 3D, but will the idea be given some 3 dimensional depths by the powers that be? Or will we see a new generation of iPod’s with bigger processors, better cameras and longer battery life? Only time will tell…

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